Interview Day

Emergency Medicine Residency Program

Interview Day

Due to the travel challenges from the Covid-19 outbreak, the format of our interview day is in a state of change and will likely become predominantly virtual. What is described below is the classic interview day at our institution. We are working hard to ensure that our virtual experience is as close to our in-person experience as possible.

If changes to the process are still in place during your interview day, you will receive email notification of the new process, including options for video / telephone interviews and virtual social interactions with current residents.

All in-person interviews are held at Christiana Hospital. It’s very easy to get here, as we are located right off of I-95. The Philadelphia International airport is a 30 minute drive from Christiana Hospital, and the Baltimore airport is about a 1 hour drive away.

Interview dates

We typically extend invitations to interview approximately 10-14 days after the MSPE is released. We interview on Tuesdays and Fridays from early November until the end of December. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and we continue to send offers to interview throughout the season. The timing of an invitation is not indicative of your strength as an applicant, but simply a reflection of the time intensive process it takes to thoroughly review the entirety of your application.

We never offer more invitations than we have open spots to interview, so rest assured you will have a spot when you get an invite. We utilize scheduling software, so if you get invited for an interview, please schedule your date as soon as possible.

There are so many amazing students who apply to our program, and although we would love to meet as many as we can, due to the sheer volume of interest we limit our invitations to a select group of applicants. We look forward to reviewing your materials, and we wish everyone the best of luck in the match!


If you are selected for an interview, you will be invited to an informal meet and greet dinner the night prior. We encourage all of our applicants to attend if possible – this is by far the best way to meet our residents and get a sense for what Wilmington is like. Details about where and when the social events will take place will be emailed to you.

We have both morning and afternoon interview sessions. The morning session generally runs from 9 AM until the early afternoon, whereas the afternoon session starts around 11 AM and ends around 3 PM. You will have a tour, lunch and presentation providing a program overview.

You are welcome to observe our ED at any point after the interview – just talk to our program coordinator to get set up with a time.