Salaries & Benefits

Current Salaries
PGY 1 $74,006.00
PGY 2 $76,086.00
PGY 3 $79,705.00
PGY 4 $83,699.00
PGY 5 $87,630.00
PGY 6 $91,873.00
PGY 7 $96,324.00
PGY 8 $100,880.00

According to a Workplace Dynamics, Inc. survey, ChristianaCare is one of the top places to work in the nation.

ChristianaCare residents and fellows earn competitive salaries and are eligible for most of the health system’s employee benefits.

Given northern Delaware’s moderate cost of living, your resident salary supports a more affordable lifestyle when compared to other nearby and more expensive regional cities.

According to CNN Money and the Council for Community and Economic Research in March 2014, living costs in Philadelphia is 10 percent higher, in Washington, D.C., 27 percent higher and in Manhattan, New York City, 100 percent higher.

Resident Benefits

Residents and fellows are eligible for most employee benefits, with the exception of tuition assistance. Other benefits may vary by department and may include:

  • Conference time and educational allowance.
  • Lab coats.
  • Room accommodations while on call.

Time away from work

Residents and fellows receive up to three weeks of vacation and five days of paid time to attend approved conferences or educational events annually.