Mentorship and Teamwork

Classroom to Clinic – A culture of respect and support

Our curriculum follows the most innovative and effective practices for adult learning, allowing academic coursework to inform clinical experience and vice-versa. We stretch beyond the basics to help residents develop the critical thinking skills required for those health care professionals who will transform medicine in the coming decades.

Regular resident led curriculum review sessions allow us to constantly evaluate and evolve the curriculum to meet our residents’ needs.

Mentors who make a difference

Role modeling and mentorship are at the heart of the residency experience at ChristianaCare. Our unique combination of high patient volume and small program size gives residents a one-to-one relationship with their mentors. With a program built on the principle of teamwork, our residents form professional and personal relationships that last a lifetime.

A Framework for Professional Growth

ChristianaCare residents benefit from regular, consistent and constructive feedback designed to help each physician achieve excellence. The feedback occurs informally on a daily basis. Residents also have 24/7 access to the online evaluation system, giving real-time access to the latest feedback for professional growth.

Center for WorkLife Wellbeing

We recognize the unique challenges our residents face each day, as physicians caring for patients, and as learners. ChristianaCare has developed the Center for WorkLife Wellbeing to support our providers and help them to combat the symptoms of burnout. Some of the programs available for our providers are:

  • The Care for the Caregiver peer support program for adverse events and medical errors.
  • The Provider Litigation Program, which provides support and educational resources for providers in medical malpractice litigation.
  • Vital Worklife, a provider-focused program offering coaching, counseling, and work/life concierge services.
  • Executive coaching and leadership skills training.