Primary Care

Advanced Practice Clinicians Fellowships

9-month program for Family or Adult NP’s and Certified Physician Assistants with less than 18 months experience.

The Primary Care APC fellowship is an intensive program for newly graduated NP’s or PA’s, which provides precepting by experienced NP’s, specialty rotations, and additional didactic education in caring for patients in the primary care setting.

This fellowship program is both supportive and challenging as APC’s are engaged with patients in the clinical settings while continuing to learn and grow through a structured didactic experience. Experiences in our Virtual Education Simulation Training Center (VEST) to learn and practice procedures prior to performing procedures in the office will be provided.

This program is perfect for a new APC who is looking to develop in their new role, while gaining the needed structure of a program. The program is based in primary care offices to gain continuity of patient care. As the program advances, the fellows will increase the complexity and number of patients seen to ensure progression to the provider role.

For more information contact the APC professional recruiter