Neonatal Intensive Care

Advanced Practice Clinicians Fellowships

12-month program for PA’s wanting to provide care to the Neonatal patient population.

This program will start with nursing rotations that familiarize the APC Fellow with the NICU bedside care and vital role of the NICU nurse

The fellows will rotate through our well-baby service while learning well baby care and understand baseline normal newborn care prior to starting rotations to the NICU. The Fellow will rotate to the various hospitals in the CCHS network to obtain the various clinical rotations for the program. Didactic lectures provided by our neonatologists, neonatal fellows, neonatal APC’s will be conducted throughout the program with time in the VEST center to acquire skills in NICU procedures.

As the fellow progresses in the training program and becomes more proficient, the fellow will be responsible for managing an increasing number of patients with higher levels of acuity.

For more information contact the APC professional recruiter