Resident Committees

Family Medicine Residency Program

Family Medicine Residency Committees:

Wellness and Fitness:

The aim of the Wellness Committee is to promote a culture of physical, psychological, and emotional well-being for our residents by providing support, actively promoting healthy lifestyle activities and organizing events centered on connecting with each other. The committee endeavors to assist residents in reinforcing wellness at work, taking responsibility for their health outside of work and contributing to a sense of community within our residency program.

Recruitment Committee:

The Recruitment Committee is a group of residents and faculty who work together throughout the entire process of recruiting our program’s next class of residents. We focus on reviewing applications, interviewing applicants, running post-interview happy hours and our 2ndlook event, and answering any questions applicants may have about our program.

Volunteer Committee:

Consistent with our residency’s mission and guiding principles, the aim of The Volunteer Committee is to care for and serve our neighbors by creating, publicizing, and joining a wide variety of community-based activities focused on serving those in need. We also partner with local organizations, and collaborate with other resident-run committees to support their ongoing work in the community.

Resident Quality and Safety Committee:

The resident, quality, and safety committee is a group of residents and faculty that work to identify and implement quality improvement measures that span the scope from practice changes to system wide. We utilize a system that monitors various quality metrics, including patient safety events and system errors, and use this data to meet with hospital leadership and discuss possibilities for change. Our committee members share our work at both the system and regional/national level.

Green Team Committee:

The Family Medicine Residency Program Green Team is dedicated to advancing environmentally sustainable practices throughout our residency program and family medicine centers. Our mission is to reduce our environmental impact, foster a culture of sustainability, increase awareness through education, and improve the overall health and well being of our community.