About Our Program

Family Medicine Residency Program

Welcome to ChristianaCare Family Medicine!

Our goal at ChristianaCare Family Medicine is to train you to be phenomenal well-rounded Family physicians. That said, we also take a very pointed approach to creating an environment that supports individual interests along the way. Our ambulatory focused longitudinal curriculum is innovative and allows for maximal high impact learning as well as a tailored curriculum based on personal interests and skill development.

We take support very seriously here – we are a family who chose each other, and that is very powerful. Creating a work environment that certainly expects hard work while at work but supports individual needs and family/personal life outside of work is something we commit to for each of our residents.

Here at ChristianaCare, we truly embody what it means to the best of both worlds. We have two very different hospitals that our residents experience – Christiana, ‘the big house’, with literally every service imaginable, and Wilmington, a small community hospital where the Family Medicine training program is the central academic team.

We have three training sites for residents to choose their personal home base throughout their tenure with us – The Family Medicine Center at Foulk Road, located in North Wilmington and serving a largely suburban underserved population; The Family Medicine Center at Wilmington Primary Care, located in downtown Wilmington – a hub of true underserved care needs and a high risk population; and the Family Medicine Center at Westside Family Healthcare, a JCAHO accredited Federally Qualified Health Center who have long been our community partners.

From additional community training sites to an Internationally renowned Children’s hospital in our back yard, here at ChristianaCare Family Medicine, we have it all. We grow and adapt with community needs and provide full spectrum primary care in our office – from prenatal care to addiction medicine to transgender care. We offer incredible community experiences, potential for fellowship and certificate opportunities in Global Health.

We have amazing residents and faculty. They are a hardworking group of people who are passionate about what they do and who they care for. They show up every day and give 100% and it shows –
the supportive, caring relationships among them, the mentorship and growth along the way – it’s really powerful.

From primary care to leadership development, we have something that will inspire you to be the best physician you can be. We are excited to meet you and welcome you to our family!

All the very best,

Erin Kavanaugh, MD, FAAFP
Interim Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Program Director, Family Medicine Residency Program
Co-Program Director, Emergency Medicine/Family Medicine Residency Program

Vision, Mission and Aim Statement:

Our Vision

  • Our mission is to serve our neighbors as expert, caring partners in their health. We aim to train compassionate doctors who provide inclusive, equitable, and comprehensive care in a culturally competent way so that our community will flourish.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are both a Family Medicine practice and a residency program.
  • We serve together with excellence and love.
  • We treat ourselves and others with respect and compassion.
  • Our practice exists to take care of patients.
  • We embrace education as our foundation.
  • We support ChristianaCare’s commitment to be an anti-racism organization.

Program Aim Statement

  • We aim to be a national leading family medicine residency program training within a patient centered medical home that is committed to the care and well-being of our community. We remain committed to working towards achieving the Quadruple Aim.
  • We recruit high caliber students from respected programs in an attempt to train and retain our graduates in the community.
  • We strive for excellence. We do this with an innovative, flexible, individualized, longitudinal curriculum centered on intentional diversification while maintaining all Family Medicine requirements.
  • We are both a family medicine practice and a residency program; our Family Medicine Centers, including our track at Westside Family Health, exist to take care of patients.
  • We embrace education as our foundation.
  • We treat ourselves and others with respect and compassion.
  • We embrace inclusion and diversity, valuing the differences which make us unique. We aim for our program’s diverse composition (faculty, resident, staff) to mirror the varied patient population for which we care.
  • We advance actions to dismantle racism through the life and culture of our organization and community.
  • We will carry out these aspirations among our Residency program leadership and faculty by way of an active, innovative, feedback driven approach to mentoring, professionalism and leading change.