Interview Day

Family Medicine Residency Program


Thank you for your interest in our Family Medicine Residency Program. We are delighted that you are scheduled for an interview and can’t wait to meet you!


We will be participating in signaling via ERAS for the very first time this year! We are looking forward to learning more about this process along with you. If you have any questions at any time, please reach out to our Coordinator for additional insight.

Interview Day

Our institution has committed to continued virtual interviews for all applicants for all specialties.  We are delighted to meet you virtually, and are experimenting with ways to allow you to connect with our campus and residents in person!

If there are any changes to your interview day, we do promise to contact you by email. You will be contacted by a resident via text message the evening prior to your interview just to check in on you and to see if there is anything you need. We are committed to virtual social events to connect our applicants and residents so please do join us as your schedule permits.

We understand that connecting with actual residents in person is so incredibly important, and that the connections that will help you when it comes time to finalize your rank list are going to be very different this year. We are missing those touch points too and will do all we can to ensure personal connection as best as possible.

Format of our day

If you are selected for an interview, you will receive an invitation from Interview Broker.

Once you schedule an interview with us, you will receive a detailed email from Interview Broker with details on ZOOM links for your date, your interviewers, the timing of the day and other pertinent information.

At this time, the Family Medicine Residency Program is unable to offer Second Looks for applicants. We deeply wish that this were not the case.

Meet your Recruitment Team

Application and Selection Notes

Please be assured that if you receive an invitation to interview at our program any time after ERAS opens, we have reviewed your application in its entirety.

If you do not receive an invitation to interview rapidly, please be assured that this has absolutely nothing to do with the strength of your application or your skillset as a physician-to be. It just means we received a lot of applications and are thoughtfully working our way through them! We want to be respectful of all your individual attributes and thus allocate appropriate time as needed based on the size of the applicant pool.

We do look forward to reviewing your applications, and even if we are ultimately unable to offer you an interview spot, we wish you the best of luck this interview season!

If we don’t get a chance to tell you, virtually or in person, THANK YOU for choosing Family Medicine! We need each and every one of you!

Helpful Information for Your Interview Day

We will be doing all our scheduling through Interview Broker – please schedule as promptly as possible. We do not offer more interviews than slots available, however, there is usually a smattering of invited folks who ultimately are invited but do not schedule an interview, and we would rather see a ‘decline’ than a ‘invitation remains unopened’ – so we can extend an invitation to another prospective applicant!

We would much rather plan ahead than scramble on interview day to make needed accommodations, so please do reach out to Fran Hackett if you have any specific concerns or needs to discuss.

Additional Potentially Helpful Information