Osteopathic Year

Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program

Osteopathic Year (internship certified by AOA)

We are proud to be supportive of our osteopathic residents many of whom stay in the area. In order for our osteopathic residents to be able to practice in all 50 states after graduation, (Pennsylvania requires an internship certified), your ACGME PGY-1 year must be recognized by the American Osteopathic Association through a short application, educational presentation to our residents on OMT skills and some materials and a letter submitted from our residency office. Our residency program requires that of all of our osteopathic residents get certified.


Interns should also take COMLEX Level 3 in their intern year.

We are one of the few programs that does this certification prospectively and it also demonstrates an inclusive learning environment for our osteopathic learners.