Amazing Training Facilities

General Practice Dentistry Residency Program

Amazing Training Facilities

The General Practice Dentistry Department operates in nine state-of-the-art treatment rooms located inside Wilmington Hospital. All of the rooms contain nitrous oxide, oxygen and a radiographic unit.

Four rooms have A-Dec chairs and equipment to work with an attending or assistant, so residents gain skills in “four-handed” dentistry. Residents have access to and training in rotary endodontic instrumentation.

Advanced simulation training for any scenario

ChristianaCare’s Virtual Education and Simulation Training Center is a state-of-the-art training facility that allows residents and all health care staff at ChristianaCare to experience realistic scenarios with computer-controlled manikins that breathe, speak, blink their eyes and respond to stimuli.
The Virtual Education and Simulation Training Center is outfitted to function like a hospital, complete with a trauma bay, intensive care unit, operating room and standardized patient rooms.