Rotations: Goals and Objectives

General Practice Dentistry Residency Program

Medical Rotation – 1 week in duration

Residents must be assigned to a rotation in medicine that has supervised practical experiences to include:

  • Taking, recording and interpreting a complete medical history.
  • Understanding the indications of and interpretations of lab studies and other techniques in the diagnosis of oral and systemic disease.
  • Understanding the relationship between oral health and systemic disease.
  • Performing a physical evaluation and collect other date to establish a medical assessment.

Anesthesia Rotation – 2 weeks in duration

Residents must be assigned to an Anesthesia Rotation with supervised experiences in the following:

  • Preoperative evaluation.
  • Assessment of effects of pharmacologic and behavioral techniques.
  • Venipuncture technique.
  • Patient monitoring.
  • Airway management and intubation.
  • Administration of pharmacologic agents.
  • Prevention and treatment of anesthetic emergencies.
  • Assessment of patient recovery from anesthesia.

Emergency Department – 1 week in duration

Residents must be assigned to an Emergency Department Rotation with supervised experiences to include:

  • Familiarize the resident with the treatment of medical emergencies so that they are better able to treat a range of oral emergencies.
  • Expose resident to the treatment of medical and dental emergencies.
  • Be exposed to patient with primary systemic abnormalities and in a medical emergency and to assess the need for additional diagnostic studies.
  • Support a patient’s respiration and circulation I case of systemic collapse.
  • Treat allergic reactions.
  • Learn wound management.
  • Learn early fracture management.