Application Process

General Practice Dentistry Residency Program

The General Practice Dentistry Residency Program participates in the  Postdoctoral Application Support Service (PASS). Candidates should provide PASS with a transcript, academic records, National Board scores, dean’s office letter of recommendation, and two current recommendations (PEF) from faculty or working associates (one of which must address work experience during the current year) and your CV. See PASS for more information.

Review of applications begins in late September and interviews begin in early November for general practice residents. Interviews are conducted by the program director and members of the faculty. Candidates have the opportunity to meet with current residents. Candidates are encouraged to arrange a visit to our facility prior to applying to the program.

The General Practice Dentistry Residency Program does not participate in the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program in the selection of general practice dental residents in order to allow representation from multiple universities, and thereby enrich the educational experience offered by our program. Letters of intent are mailed in late December, followed by contracts. Our "early" acceptance policy allows candidates selected for our program to withdraw from the match and avoid the cost of traveling to multiple interviews.