General Practice Dentistry Residency Program

What our graduates say

More than half of our General Practice Dentistry residents are from outside Delaware. Yet 90 percent decide to stay in the area after they complete their residency. Here is what some of our recent graduates say about the program:

Dr. Thomas Lanzilotti

Associate dentist, Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Associates, Wilmington, Del.
2008 General Practice Dentistry resident

“The program provides invaluable exposure to all aspects of general and hospital dentistry. Working within the hospital setting allowed me to gain experience in managing the dental needs of medically complex patients. I also refined my treatment-planning skills and hand skills in the general dental clinic of Wilmington Hospital and satellite clinics, where I practiced all aspects of general dentistry every day. The year is challenging, but the support is outstanding from the conscientious and dedicated faculty.”

Dr. Ellie Baker

Dentist, James C. Baker Jr., DDS, PA, Wilmington, Del.
2008 General Practice Dentistry resident

“The program helped fill in the gaps that my dental-school education did not have the time to cover. I was able to push myself in endodontics and perform rotary instrumentation on second molars and crowned teeth. I learned advanced oral surgery techniques and improved my speed. My knowledge about implants also increased tremendously, as did the complexity of implant cases I treated. Most importantly, I learned how to set up an implant case so that I can tell the surgeon what I want and get the end restorative result I desire.”

Dr. Julie Quinn

Chief Resident, Indiana University’s Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program
2008 General Practice Dentistry resident

“The residency is a well-rounded program that prepared me well for my future in dentistry. The rotations through emergency medicine, anesthesia and consultations strengthened my medical knowledge. Rotating through various offices in Delaware gave me the opportunity to work with various specialists and general dentists whose years of experience exposed me to a range of treatment approaches. Working directly with endodontists, periodontists and pediatric dentists gave me the support to approach cases I initially felt were beyond my abilities. The year not only strengthened my knowledge and skills, but gave me mentors and friends for life.”

Dr. Brad Adey

Dentist, Baccellieri Family Dentistry, Kennett Square, Pa.
2008 General Practice Dentistry resident

“The implant dental clinic is an exceptional hands-on learning environment. I received advanced training in every aspect of implant dentistry, from treatment planning and diagnosis to complex restorative procedures. With the growing need and demand for implant dentistry, the clinic was an invaluable experience.”