Farha Ali, D.O.

Program: Internal Medicine

Year: IM-3

Hometown: Wyomissing, PA

Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh

Med school: Philadelphia of Osteopathic Medicine

Interests/Hobbies: Photography, Photoshop, Hiking

Why I chose Christiana Care and Delaware: My family moved to Delaware while I was in college and I’ve been visiting for many years now. I fell in love with the area, despite living in the city for the last 11 years. There is plenty to do around here, especially around the University of Delaware area as well as a gorgeous & massive state park, not to mention super easy access to Philly, NYC, & D.C. I chose Christiana because it’s where I felt most supported & nurtured while being just as challenged as any another institution, if not more, as well as the abundance of resources here. The leadership & attendings are excellent, kind, and fun. Most importantly, they are entirely focused on making sure that their diverse group of residents achieves excellence as well!