Daniel Osarfo-Akoto, M.D.

Program: Emergency Medicine

Year: EM-3

Hometown: New Rochelle, NY

Undergrad: Hampden-Sydney College

Med school: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Interests/Hobbies: Pickleball (the most underrated sport in history), like everyone else, hiking, biking, running, all the lifting in the world (never CrossFit - looking at you Chris and Ally, who even does that anymore smh) TV, Crypto (not bitcoin, I don’t got it like that)when my crypto blows up and I’m a billionaire, I’d like to travel but for now, working on my little road trips

Why I chose Christiana Care and Delaware:

Why Not! The people here are just as nice as those in the Midwest, the amazing mix cases, the residents I interviewed with were phenomenal and open, Dr. Fredette (our PD) made me feel needed during our virtual interview session! This place is close to everything on the east coast, cost of living is very low (at least compared to NY, and comparable to Minneapolis). When I told my mom I interviewed at ChristianaCare, her first response was, “I feel you’ll be going here.” As the saying goes “‘moms are always right” this happened exactly that way! So I say you should come here! Coz my mom is always right!