Andrew Blake, MD

Program: Emergency Medicine

Year: EM-2

Hometown: Dover, DE

Undergrad: Delaware State University

Med school: Thomas Jefferson University

Interests/Hobbies: Economics and finance, Crypto, Anime, Music, Shoes, Sports (basketball, lacrosse, football), and Food (all types, but especially international foods)

Why I chose Christiana Care and Delaware: I chose Christiana for many different reasons, the most notable being location, quality of the program, and the overall culture of the hospital. Being from Delaware and attending med school in Philly, I always looked at Christiana as being situated in the perfect location. It’s exactly halfway between where I currently live in PA and my parents’ house, so I can easily go home for the essentials, i.e., my mom’s cooking! ;) It’s also great to still be near friends from high school and college. Out of all the places I rotated in med school, the culture here fit my personality best. In my experience, EVERYBODY (from attendings and residents to nurses and techs) is always so kind and willing to help and/or teach where they can. In addition, I adore the patient population and get a lot of joy out of helping them in their times of need. As far as the program itself, everybody I’ve spoken to who knows of Christiana has raved about how good of an education and training I would get in my 3 years here, and so far, they have been 100% spot on. Not to mention the hospital and training facilities are absolutely gorgeous!