Podiatric Medicine & Surgery Residency Program

The podiatric faculty currently includes 32 ABFAS certified or qualified foot and ankle surgeons. Each is a well-trained individual who brings his/her own philosophy and experience to the residency. The faculty is enthusiastic about teaching and advising residents. In addition, there are over 80 non-podiatric physicians on the educational faculty who interact with the residents on a regular basis.

Active Teaching Faculty

  • Cody Bowers, DPM.
  • James Bray, DPM.
  • Anthony Caristo, DPM.
  • Joseph Ciampoli, DPM.
  • Raymond A. DiPretoro, Jr., DPM
  • David H. Haley, DPM.
  • Jason Kline, DPM.
  • Gregory Mote, DPM.
  • Katherine Perscky, DPM.
  • Aabha M. Suchak, DPM.
  • Jennifer R. Seifert, DPM.

Adjunct Teaching Faculty

  • Douglas Appel, DPM.
  • Jason Bell, DPM.
  • Benjamin Denenberg, DPM.
  • Michael Henry, DPM.
  • Peter Larned, DPM.
  • Linda Lawton, DPM.
  • Brian McDermott, DPM.
  • W. Scott Newcomb, DPM.
  • Scott Reich, DPM.
  • Alexander Terris, DPM.
  • Ernest Troisi, DPM.