Amazing Training Facilities

Emergency / Family Medicine Residency Program

Ambulatory medicine is the cornerstone of family medicine education and of our program. The Family Medicine Center is our outpatient practice and is the center of the resident education experience.

The Family Medicine Center is one practice with two newly renovated office locations, each offering its own unique training experience.

Suburban location: Family Medicine Center at Foulk Road

The recently renovated space is equipped with 12 exam rooms, two procedure rooms, a resident room, faculty offices, administrative space and a conference room.

Urban location: Family Medicine Center at the Wilmington Annex

Located in downtown Wilmington, across the street from Wilmington Hospital, this location has six exam rooms and an administrative suite. The clinic cares for a large underserved population and is the site of our Teen Clinic and one of the patient-care sites for our sports medicine program.

Advanced simulation training for any scenario

Christiana Care’s Virtual Education and Simulation Training Center is a state-of-the-art training facility that allows residents and all health care staff at Christiana Care to experience realistic scenarios with computer-controlled manikins that breathe, speak, blink their eyes and respond to stimuli.
The Virtual Education and Simulation Training Center is outfitted to function like a hospital, complete with a trauma bay, intensive care unit, operating room and standardized patient rooms.

Experience two contrasting hospitals

University/academic or community? Large or small? Opposed or unopposed? These are questions students ask themselves when choosing a residency program.

At Christiana Care there is no need to choose.

We are fortunate to have the unique combination of a top-rated tertiary-care medical center as well as a growing community hospital, enabling us to enjoy the best of both worlds.

At Christiana Hospital you will appreciate the crucial role our health system plays as a regional center for excellence in heart services (including cardiac surgery and coronary angioplasty), cancer treatment, women’s health services, physical medicine and rehabilitation, infectious diseases, general medicine and surgery, and the state’s high-intensity trauma services. Here, residents will also benefit from education involving multiple residency programs.

At Wilmington Hospital, residents enjoy taking care of patients in a community hospital setting in which family medicine is the primary residency program in the hospital. Residents enjoy the direct contact and teaching they receive from attendings and specialists. Because our second outpatient office is directly across the street from Wilmington Hospital, residents and patients experience wonderful continuity of care.

Additional training sites

  • Alfred I. du Pont Hospital for Children
  • Adolescent wellness centers
  • Juvenile detention centers
  • Teen clinic
  • Senior centers and home visits
  • School athletics programs