Nicholas Colazzo, M.D.

Program: Emergency Medicine

Year: EM-3

Hometown: Pequannock, NJ

Undergrad: Fairfield University

Med school: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Interests/Hobbies: 1) Scuba Diving - I have been to many different locations around the world scuba diving including the Great Barrier Reef and_x000D_ Hawaii._x000D_ 2) Rock Climbing - When I was in college I founded a rock climbing club with a local climbing gym. A goal of mine is to make a_x000D_ trip out to Garden of the Gods to go rock climbing._x000D_ 3) NCAA - National Collegiate Paintball - played paintball with Rutgers University throughout medical school, winning a_x000D_ regional title and placing 6th in the nation._x000D_ 4) Mixed Martial Arts