Jannel Hall-Prear, Pharm.D.

Program: Pharmacy

Year: PGY-1

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Undergrad: Prince George's Community College

Interests/Hobbies: Swimming, Reading, Cooking

Why I chose Christiana Care and Delaware: When I drove to ChristianaCare Hospital before ranking them, the campus felt very welcoming, safe, clean, spacious, and above all, ChristianaCare Hospital felt at home from just the outside! When I added this to the opportunities, growth, and well-being ChristianaCare offered, I was sure I wanted to come here. I also thought the state of Delaware would be an ideal place to live, learn, shop (tax-free), and explore (waiting for my first trip to the beach). Having gone through two days of orientation, I am sure this is where I wanted to be!