Julia Hiner, M.D.

Program: Internal Medicine

Year: IM-3

Hometown: Houston , TX

Med school: University of Texas Medical Branch

Interests/Hobbies: Selling on Ebay/Etsy, digitizing family photographs, reading, casual biking and sleeping!

Why I chose Christiana Care and Delaware: I initially heard of Christiana Care when I was looking for residency programs in areas that allowed my husband to keep his current job with JP Morgan. I interviewed here and really liked the atmosphere, how friendly everyone was and the community feel inside and outside of the hospital. It didn't hurt that the hospital itself was architecturally appealing, since I knew I would be spending so much of the next three years here! I also liked the two-week ambulatory blocks, both for greater continuity with patients and because it broke up the possibility of spending months and months on the floors and in the ICU. I've never lived outside of Texas, so I thought it would be a great experience to live somewhere with actual seasons (and snow!). And I found it funny to move from a location that acts like its own country (Texas) to a state that actually briefly was its own country when it was the first and only state in the country (Delaware). And so far, people really have been as friendly as they seemed on interview day, so it's nice to know that wasn't just an act for interviewees! We see a lot of very sick and interesting patients here, so I'm sure I'll learn a lot over the next 3 years!!