Marylou Dryer, M.D.

Program: Medicine-Pediatrics

Year: MP-4

Hometown: Midland, MI

Med school: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Interests/Hobbies: I try to prioritize "mom" activities like cooking and playing with my kids and squeeze in time for gardening, painting, hiking, camping, and taking family trips off-roading. If we're feeling really ambitious we'll head to the rock gym!

Why I chose Christiana Care and Delaware: Christiana Care is the perfect size program - large enough with rotations at Christiana's main campus, Wilmington Hospital, and AI duPont Hospital for Children, I am confident that I'll see the variety of pathology that will help me to excel in Med-Peds. Yet, the smaller number of residents in each of the Medicine, Pediatrics, and Med-Peds Programs mean that mentors are able to be truly invested in residents as individuals! Delaware feels more like a small town than a small state.