Courtney Alio, M.S.

Program: Psychology Internship

Year: PSY-1

Hometown: North Wales, PA

Undergrad: Cabrini University

Graduate school: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Interests/Hobbies: Running, dogs, spending time with family and friends, baking, cooking, traveling, and movies.

Why I chose Christiana Care and Delaware: I completed my practicum placement at CCHS last year for psychology at the Center for Heart and Vascular health. I fell in love with the program! The staff was super friendly. I learned a lot in relation to the the behavioral health field while working in a medical setting. I loved my experience so much that I decided to apply for the psychology internship here. The staff, physicians, and patients are so warm and welcoming. The physicians and nurses here are very knowledgeable and everyone is willing to lend a helping hand.