Emergency Administrative Fellowship


Christiana Care’s Emergency Administrative Fellowship offers a one-year program in emergency medicine administration. The administrative fellowship began in 2003, graduating its first fellow in June of 2004. This is a one-year program, and we have one spot available each year. Prior graduates have had significant success and have taken on major administrative responsibilities in the field of emergency medicine. A majority of administrative fellows have been graduates of Christiana Care residencies (EM or EM/IM).

Fellows function as fully credentialled attending physicians but have a limited clinical commitment (roughly two shifts per week). During non-clinical time, the fellow pursues what amounts to an apprenticeship in administrative emergency medicine. The fellow becomes a full member of the ED management team and is given a variety of committee assignments, projects, and other administrative work to do. Teaching comes primarily on the job and in the form of direct support as the fellow works through the various jobs at hand. While a formal curriculum is suggested and numerous references are available, the actual work and direction of the fellow is highly flexible and can be individualized according to individual interests. Nonetheless, it is expected that during the normal course of events the fellow will become familiar with all core administrative topics by year’s end.