Obtain an MBA

Internal Medicine Residency Program

Earn your MBA while completing your Internal Medicine residency

Christiana Care’s Internal Medicine Residency Program has teamed with the University of Delaware to offer an optional four-year program that allows residents to complete their internal medicine residency and earn an MBA.

The joint Internal Medicine Residency/MBA program lasts four years. Residents complete their first year of residency and then start a modified schedule. In the remaining three years, residents spend approximately one-third of their time each year attending classes at the nearby University of Delaware while being free of clinical duties. Residents also continue to receive 70 percent of their base salary during the last three years of their residency, even while attending full-time MBA course work. Even while attending classes, residents remain employees of the hospital, so they continue to receive benefits. As an added benefit, for residents who live in Delaware, Christiana Care pays half of the tuition costs.